(Flutter) Web build Error 해결


This application is not configured to build on the web.
To add web support to a project, run `flutter create .`.


  1. flutter create .
     "Flutter-Instagram-UI-Clone" is not a valid Dart package name.
     From the [Pubspec format description](https://www.dartlang.org/tools/pub/pubspec.html):
     **DO** use `lowercase_with_underscores` for package names.
     Package names should be all lowercase, with underscores to separate words,
     `just_like_this`.  Use only basic Latin letters and Arabic digits: [a-z0-9_].
     Also, make sure the name is a valid Dart 	identifier -- that it doesn't start
     with digits and isn't a reserved word.
  2. package 이름 소문자+언더바로 수정 후 rebuild